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Whether your redecorating or renovating this summer, taking a look and reading up on the hottest new looks for your home is the best way to start

If you are still recovering from a rocky start to 2017, it’s comforting to know that these clear interior trends will allow for some cool, calm, clarity.

That is exactly what the current interior design looks look like- a sense of moving boldly into a new wave and dismissing traditions and norms, with an exciting favour for enveloping colour, adventurous staple furnishings and alluring textures.

The most irresistible trend of all is knowing that each of these trends are attainable with the help of Londons very own top interior designers fci London, on almost any budget. fci hold an amazing collection of products in all price ranges, allowing you to combine and couple to create a space unique to you, abundant with interior beauty.

The interior designers London take into account how far you are willing to venture out into new and invite you into all the hottest interior design trends. They explore this years most sensual metal to feature hints of luxury down to combinations of rich greens or navy blue.  Dare to be daring in the pursuit of your own designs or allow expert experienced interior designers London exceed your design boundaries and be amply gifted with a home that’s exclusive, stylish and can be smoothly updated whenever your heart desires.

Arabia : Persian-Inspired Rug with Vintage Look by Calligaris

interior design 2017

After diminishing out of popular demand a few years ago, Arabia is in debt to its renewal to the modern trend for everything geometric as well as a lust for colour and pattern. A rug the interior designers assure will take us to a sun-sodden space or the exhilarating, aromatic air of an Arabian market, maybe the most charming aspect of this trend is that its impossible to go overboard- the tiers only make up to a more authentic feel.

We cant find any excuse to not occupy your home with beautiful ornate style bargains arabesque decorative panes, hand made rugs, alter ego framed mirrors and feathery pillows in lush jewel colours, with even a whisper of vintage 70’s design

Tropical: Black Light 17 Wallpaper by Eijffinger

fci wallpaperLess of the cheap beach hut vibe, more colourful eccentrics, this interior design trend joins luxuriant flora, understated animal prints, and colour-infused patterns that emote the nostalgic long summer days spent relaxing-regardless of what season were actually in. Leopord print, flowers and trees are and essential design with inside-outside rattan, flowers and tropical greenery plenty.

This is a trend that extends itself well to the real deal, too, so we advise to follow fci London design company’s advice well, and incorporate groups of flora patterns and oversized animal prints.

Navy Blue: Belly S Night Blue Vase by Gaasvase fci

Many colours have come forward in the past few years announcing there claim as the new black, but deep midnight blue is the best contester so far. Polished, grand and the perfect partner for metallic, timber and literally all colours chosen in combination work with this colour, namely this vase chosen by FCI interior designer London.

FCI describe this beautiful peice as a “Night Blue Vase from Belly line is an original trade mark of simple elegance that can be found in every contemporary space. This is the S version of a beautiful set of outstanding vases that bring a sophisticated colour in your home or Office decor. It’s made from mouthblown glass with handcut surface.”





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