summer garden ideas

Weather you feel a confident gardener or not at all, we all agree we like the garden to look good.

 Something as simple as taking a few steps to make the outside space look inviting, even for a few days of sun to appear, can lift a mood and add value to a house tremendously. Our 4 interior design tips can help you create that space easily,garden table setsummer garden

  1. Create an Outdoor Area

By spacing your garden furniture in a sunny corner. It depends on your space whether you have room for outside seating or larger sofas, but aim to make it as comfy as you can with cushions and fabrics. An outdoor rug will allow the space to look more inviting to remove shoes, and adding some small tables will make it accessible for drinks and snacks. Organising this area will mean you can enjoy outside even if it is only for brief moments in the sun.

  1. Improve Height and Attention to Your Planting

Adding some plants will cheer the garden up instantly. If strategically placed around the seating area, guest won’t notice in the rest of the garden needs care. Add hanging plants to enhance height will create a country rustic look to match the outdoor setting.

  1. Stick to a Colour Scheme

Limiting the amount of colours, you use will allow your outside space to look’ interior designed’ as opposed to ‘cluttered’. In a similar fashion as you would decorate the inside space of your home, keep two or three shades for pots, pillows and other small furnishings. In a similar way refrain from adding too many different materials. A few bright colours will perk up sun-faded wood, whilst zinc and metal objects look amazing against resummer garden plantsd brick.

  1. Design Your Dining Table Set

It is always a great idea to stock up on paper napkins and romantic night lights now. I prefer to keep a box in the garage of all the summer dining essentials. This is for those unplanned, spur of the moment barbecues exclusive to summer afternoons.


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