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Like any interior design expert will tell you, the trends in interior designating keep changing and evolving, and what was stylish and trendy a few years ago is no longer as impactful. Usually interior design trends are meant to combine style, creativity, while at the same time achieving purpose. In other words, interior designs are supposed to serve home owners effectively, but with added style, elegance, and creativity.

Below are 5 examples of the top interior design trends of 2016.


  1. Use of tiles and natural stones; one of the most popular trends of 2016 in interior design is the use of natural stones and tiles, compared to the traditional cemented floors that were later covered with expensive carpets. In fact, a home nicely designed and fitted tiles is 10 times more attractive compared to any carpet, regardless of its worth. Natural stones look great when used on the bathroom floor, on the veranda, on the hallway, and so on so forth. Besides, these natural stones and tiles can also be used on the walls of your kitchen bench tops. They are easy to clean, durable, unique, and plainly stylish.
  2. Black Steel; some years back, home appliances made of shiny steel were the trendy thing. Fridges, microwaves, TVs, all with shiny coverings were viewed as stylish and the way to go. But not any longer. Today, black is the cool option. You’ll get fridges and other home appliances, all black; not just the ordinary black, but high quality black that has a subtle shiny appearance so that you can even see your reflection. This trend is what you’ll find in many modern homes; this style can’t be described as either traditional or modern; it combines all aspects to create a unique and cool look.
  3. Walk in wardrobes; some few years back, corner wardrobes were viewed as a preserve for the rich, who had big homes to accommodate these walk in wardrobes. But today, many home owners and interior designers are opting for them; a walk in wardrobe is not just spacious, it is unique, and one can even have it from the floor to the ceiling.
  4. Sliding doors; again, wardrobes and cabinets with sliding doors are the new kid on the block. The traditional hinged doors take much space, the revolving doors are not longer popular, and sliding doors are the way to go in 2016. They help save much space, and are also more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Designer furniture; more and more people are opting for designer brands, in comparison to the ordinary brands. The good thing with designer brands is that they look unique, are durable and it is cheaper to buy all your furniture pieces from one brand, compared to buying the pieces individuals from ordinary sellers.


The above trends are expected to dominate the interior design world in 2016; you should lookout for them.

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