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Building and Construction is one industry that keeps on evolving. New trends and designs keep on being invented and as a home owner or interior designer, it makes sense to acquaint yourself with some of them.  The trends and interior designs are determined by various factors like technology, new innovations, the need to work on a limited budget, and so on so forth.

Below are 10 common trends in construction and building;


  1. Use of tiles/ natural stones; more builders and construction companies are finding themselves having to use tiles and natural stones more frequently. This is the new trend, and many home owners are opting for tiles in their bathroom, on the fireplace, on their kitchen counter tops, to mention but a few. They are unique, durable, and are an aesthetic masterpiece.
  2. Basement aka cinema hall; more and more people are converting their basement floors into perfect movie theaters; they want to achieve a perfect experience when watching movies. Builders are thus having to redesign the basement with special features to accommodate the cinema and movie aspects of the house in future.
  3. Computer generated sketches; the days of architects and builders spending hours designing sketches with pens and papers are long gone. You can expect to see more computer generated images and sketches in future.
  4. 3D architectural plans; architectural plans generated from 3D technology are expected to play a more prominent role in future.
  5. 5D Macro BIM; this is another new trend that you can expect to see in future, and it helps home owners determine the cost, and other implications of the models they have opted for.
  6. Energy consumption; energy consumption is increasingly becoming a factor in building and construction. Builders and designers want the building to consume as little energy as possible, and they try to incorporate this aspect when building.
  7. Smart buildings; smart buildings are also taking over, with features like lights that automatically switch themselves off when not in use.
  8. Robotic automation; the traditionally laborious tasks in building and construction are increasingly being done by robots and other modern machines.
  9. UAVs; Unmanned aerial vehicles are also increasingly finding their way in building and construction sites. They are fitted with a camera that is then used to survey, and check the building from above, the terrain, and other topographical aspects.
  10. Jobsite safety; accidents at the building and construction sites used to be common. However, the sites are becoming safer as technology and robots step in to reduce the role of direct human labor.
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