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7 Best Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re searching for the best coastal kitchen design ideas that will make the heart of your home feel both stylish and relaxed, look no further. Our expert, Jessica Codejon Alvarez, has some fabulous suggestions that will change the way you think about beach house aesthetics, whether you live by the sea or not.

What is coastal kitchen design?

“Coastal kitchen design is about creating a space that exudes a sense of balance and calm”, says Jessica. “The idea is not to bombard your senses with kitsch nautical themes but to bring in stylish elements that are reminiscent of seaside tranquillity”.

Casual comfort, soft tones, natural wood, biophilic colour palettes, open spaces and elegant simplicity are all features that will add to a sophisticated holiday vibe, giving your busy kitchen a wonderful sense of ease.

Here are 7 of Jessica’s favourite kitchen design ideas that fit the theme.

1. Splash out on colour with aqua tones

Bring in the colours of the sea by adding beautiful teal or oceanic blue tile accents and upholster your seating in the same shade. For contrast, keep your cabinetry and flooring neutral in white, beige or sand to give it a casual bohemian feel. Glass fronted cupboard doors offer the perfect opportunity to show off complimentary kitchenware, so install them wherever possible.

“Colours impact on your overall experience of a space and are the perfect way to set the mood”, explains Jessica. “In any kitchen design you need to think about the impact that various shades have on you psyche, so if you’re planning a coastal theme, turn to colours that bring a sense of serenity”.

For more tips, read our article on discovering the ideal colour for your kitchen.

2. Explore your masculine side

“Just because beach house chic sounds feminine, doesn’t mean you can’t add a masculine touch”, enthuses Jessica. Adding shades of smokey grey, navy or charcoal to your cabinetry, lighting and accessories will bring in a touch of strength and assertiveness and elevate your coastal kitchen design to smart new heights.

Add an expansive peninsula with trimmings in the same colour theme and then keep your floors and furnishings neutral to create contrast and lightness. If your room is big enough, include a breakfast nook or find matching stools for your work bench for those alfresco-style lunches.

3. Celebrate natural woods

In Jessica’s opinion, “Natural wood adds a classic beach-style element to any coastal kitchen design and brings a sense of rustic charm to the overall aesthetics of your home”.

Incorporate it into your counter stools, cabinetry and flooring to create feelings of warmth and welcome and continue the thread throughout your décor by having wooden accessories like breadboards, bamboo kitchen utensils and hand-carved bowls openly on display.

“The wonderful thing about wood is that it goes with just about any colour palette, so creating contrasts with bright white, sage green or even metallics is easy to achieve”, she advises.

4. Go all-out with textures

Jessica loves the idea of creating a sensory experience when you’re working with a specific theme. “If you’re planning a coastal kitchen design, think about the different textures you would find while strolling on the beach and bring them into play in your fixtures and fittings”, she says.

To do this, use patterned or relief splashback tiles in colours that resemble pebbles or choose beautiful marble worktops or wooden flooring that shows off its natural grain. “Visual interest is key here, so explore different options and let your imagination have a say”.

5. Bring in some beachy bling

Who said coastal couldn’t be glamorous? “Even when working with a natural, beach-house aesthetic, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bling”, is Jessica’s take on the subject.

With a leaning towards metallic tiles, door handles, light fixtures and faucets in 2023, infusing your space with a sophisticated modern twist is all the rage and won’t detract from the seaside vibe. So whether you have a cosy beach pad, an opulent holiday apartment or are simply jazzing up your home kitchen design, splash out on something shiny, why don’t you?

6. Open things out

“Many coastal-style kitchen designs are characterised by a breezy sense of space and natural light, so play this to your advantage in any way possible,” says Jessica. “From picking out bright white tiles to creating expansive, crowd-pleasing eating areas, opening things out is a good idea.”

Installing individual shelving units on which to display your holiday-home-styled crockery and utensils is a hot new trend and a wonderful way to avoid making everything look formal and closed-in. Have a look at our 8 great reasons to consider open shelving in your kitchen for some added inspiration.

7. Play around with plants

Kitchen Design beach house plants

Beach house aesthetics are all about connecting with nature, and what better way to do that than by bringing in some plants? “Biophilic design has become an important consideration in any décor project, whether it be domestic or commercial” explains Jessica. “It’s a way of promoting wellness and calm, so find some lovely indoor pots and get planting”.

We suggest you think smart and grow some edibles to suit the space. Herbs and salad greens are a perfect idea.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for even more coastal kitchen design ideas, Jessica and the rest of our FCI London team are the people to speak to. So contact us today or pop into our showroom and we’ll help you get your creative juices flowing.

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