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How to Find the Perfect Sleeper Chair

FCI interior designer, Ricardo Jarjoura, is a connoisseur of chairs. As the proud owner of the best chair in the FCI office, he makes it his business to know the best chairs for every type of space. We asked him to explain what makes sleeper chairs so great and how to choose the best one for your needs.

First up, Ricardo explains what a sleeper chair is. “A sleeper chair is a hybrid of two furniture items; a chair and a bed. The term ‘sleeper chair’ also includes sofa beds, convertible chairs and sleeper ottomans. All terms essentially refer to a functional piece of furniture by day that turns into a comfortable bed at night. Think of them as the Cinderellas of the furniture world!”

1. What are the benefits of a sleeper chair and when would you use one?

“The most obvious benefit of a sleeper chair is that it kills two birds with one stone,” says Ricardo. “It’s a piece of furniture that goes above and beyond. If you’ve ever slept on a friend’s couch or had a friend sleep on yours, you’ll know the value that a sleeper chair or sofa bed could have brought to that occasion, not least because you won’t wake up with an aching back.”

But if a great sleeper chair is the true holy grail of furniture, there must be more. And there is.

“If you don’t have a guest room and your home is relatively small, sleeper chairs can make the world of difference. Instead of carving out a space on your living room floor for an inflatable mattress when your family comes to stay, you can create a temporary bedroom by simply unfolding a sleeper chair,” says Ricardo. “It’s far less hassle, takes up less space and – if you invest in a good quality piece – it is infinitely more comfortable.”

2. What should you look for in a quality sleeper chair?

Choosing a high-quality sleeper chair is of the utmost importance. Unlike most other furniture pieces, they are required to perform multiple functions, so their construction and engineering must be flawless.

“Your first decision is between a fold-out or pull-out sleeper chair,” says Ricardo. “Chairs that fold out flat have a larger sleeping surface. Pull-out sleeper chairs usually have mattresses that fold over two or three times and are generally quite thin, so they’re not always as comfortable as their fold-out counterparts.”

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The next thing to consider is the type of mattress. “Pocket sprung mattresses are your best option for a double sofa bed as they prevent guests from rolling into each other. However, they’re also quite expensive. Memory foam is a common mattress in sofa beds, but it’s not as comfortable and tends to be thinner.”

Lastly, make sure you choose premium upholstery that can withstand the constant changing of configurations. “Look at the rub count to gauge how durable a fabric is going to be, says Ricardo. “Generally the rub count for furniture upholstery should be at least 10,000, but we recommend a minimum of 30,000 for sleeper chairs because of the functionality. If you can, choose washable covers that can be removed for easy cleaning.”

3. Our best sofa bed recommendations

Ricardo recommends the sofa bed ranges from Naustro Italia for the ideal combination of durability, functionality and style.

“You can’t go wrong with a sleeper chair from the Naustro Milano collection or Naustro Nexus collection. Our Fama range is also very popular as the convertible chairs come with an array of brightly coloured and interchangeable upholstered covers.”

For more advice on finding the perfect sleeper chair, get in touch with Ricardo and his team for a chat.

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